June 28, 2022

7 Reasons Why Beauty Salons Need a Website

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We cannot ignore the fact that in this technological age, people prefer to Google to find the best salons in their area. Accordingly, they check and select the cost, availability and rearing of the salon.

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Are you the owner of a beauty salon? And are you struggling to get the customers to the door of the salon? Or even your old customers do not visit your salon frequently?

Have you come to know the reasons behind this?

We cannot ignore the fact that in this technological age, people prefer to Google to find the best salons in their area. Accordingly, they check and select the cost, availability and rearing of the salon.

Although the contemporary salon business is developing well, there is always a need for improvement to meet the needs of the client.

Nowadays, with the regular increase in digital marketing, building an online presence is a must. Otherwise, you will miss out on an enormous amount of potential customers that are vital to any business. To unbundle customers, you need to increase the client satisfaction rate. And, if you lack proper management, you will lose your customers. No one wants that… right?

Therefore, there is a need for an element that can receive high traffic in the salon. And it is nothing but a website. We are here to tell you the reason- why salons need a website to sort out the issues. let’s find out!!

Reasons Why Salons Should Have Attention Software

#1. Go with the trend

The beauty industry keeps changing, and showing your clients that you are up-to-date with the latest trends is of the utmost importance to a successful salon business. Your salon needs a website because it is the best tool that can demonstrate that your stylists have expertise and knowledge of the latest fashion trends and techniques, plus the products you are using in the salon are highly advanced, are new and fresh.

#2. Win a competition

A contemporary salon website with client testimonials and good feedback can be a great help in capturing customers even from your competitors. Words of praise directly from satisfied customers make a significant impact on website visitors.

#3. Market your products

Strong advertising strategy can convince your customers to spend money on your beauty treatments and products. An amazing salon website provides you the platform where your clients learn how your facial massages and hair masks can add to their beauty and groom them.

#4. Showcase Your Differentiation Factor

If salon has the magic that delights customers as soon as they enter your salon, then you have to show it. And, having a great website is a great medium to do so. The taste of magic can be the theme of your décor, the music or the way your stylist interacts with clients. Salons need a website because a website can portray this differentiating factor of a salon to potential customers who have not visited your store in person.

#5. Online appointment

The benefits of an online booking system for hairdressing salons. The core benefits of adding an online booking system are as follows:

Reduced phone calls and emails
Taking calls and answering emails is inefficient. If someone emails to make a hairdressing appointment, and the slot that they want is unavailable, you may need to correspond several times in order to find a suitable date and time. If the customer calls in, then either one of the hairdressers will need to answer the call, or you will need to have a full-time front of desk person. Having an online booking system avoids this problem. Instead, the customer can book their hairdressing appointment whenever they like.

Fewer missed appointments
Missed appointments create two problems for a hairdressing salon. First, there is the lost revenue from the appointment that was missed. Secondly, the hairdresser that was going to work that appointment slot may now be idle. With Bookly you can help to reduce those missed appointments through SMS and email notifications. You can schedule automated notifications which will be sent to the client to remind them about their upcoming hairdressing appointment. You can even send them a notification at a set period after their hairdressing appointment to encourage them to come in for a follow-up. Timed correctly this can be sent around the time that a customer is noticing that they are likely to need another haircut.

Take payments
Taking payments during the booking process is often more convenient for the customer and helps to improve your hairdressing salons cash flow. Having locked in this payment also ensures that the customer won’t miss their appointment. You can encourage customers to make payment during the booking process by offering them a discount for doing so.

Provide clients with appointment details
Customers may forget the time and date that they have made their appointment for. This means that they either have to call or email the salon in order to get the details. Bookly lets you avoid this by providing each customer with their own unique login details where they can access details of their appointment.

Manage employees schedules
When an appointment is taken, there needs to be a hairdresser who will be available in order to provide the service. Bookly enables you to enter your employees’ availability into the calendar. A customer will only be able to make an appointment when a hairdresser is available. Customers often want to have the same hairdresser each time that they come in. You can let customers know when specific hairdressers are available. When an appointment has been made the hairdresser who is assigned, will be notified with the details and it will be added to their calendar.

Online booking system for your hairdressing salon
Online booking systems are perfect for a hairdressing salon. Clients love them because it makes it faster and easier to book an appointment with the hairdresser that they want. Employees’ schedules are easier to manage because appointments are automatically added to their calendar. And for the owner it reduces the cost and time required to take appointments.

#6. Promotional discounts and offers
Promotional discounts and offers
With the Salon website, you can easily let your customers know about promotional discounts, packages and limited time offerings on your products, styling and treatments.

#7. Makes you trustworthy
A proper salon website increases the credibility of your business and builds customer trust. A business without a web presence appears to be unreliable and obsolete.

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