March 15, 2019

TikTok: what is all the fuss about?

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If we were to say the words TikTok to someone today, there is a 99.9% chance that person would know exactly what you were talking about. Even if that person was your mum. 

The question is this: what is it about this app that makes it so popular, and why do all brands need to start considering joining?

Let us prove to you just how popular the platform is

👉  It has over 2 billion downloads 

👉  There are 3.7 million active users in the UK (and counting) 

👉  Users spend on average of 52 minutes on the platform per day 

👉  It has officially become the most popular non-gaming app 

Do we even need to go on? Basically, you and your brand should not (we repeat) should not, be ignoring Tik Tok as a platform right now! 

But why should your brand be on it, you ask?

This one is simple. The Tik Tok algorithm. The algorithm works in a way that makes it possible for a video with 2 views created by an account with 4 followers to go viral overnight

The algorithm has made it possible for someone with no experience, no video editing skills and pretty much zero knowledge on Tik Tok to be able to create a video that appears on the “For You” page of an account with millions of followers. This means you can tap into loads of different audiences and, using the right features,  you can start successfully tapping into your target audiences. 

And not only that… 

Because the algorithm makes it possible for anyone and everyone to become “Tik Tok famous”, your brand wouldn’t even need to advertise on the platform. The easy task of getting many views equals an increase in brand awareness and consideration, ultimately leading to more prospective customers and sales. 

As someone famously once said – don’t make ads, make Tik Toks. With Tik Tok, you don’t have to pay to play! We do have some tips when it comes to ‘playing’ though… 

Content tips to quickly grow your brand on Tik Tok 

✨  As videos can only be 15-60 seconds long, get to the point – fast 

✨  Build suspense, you want our audience to watch until the end! 

✨  Tell a story, evoke emotion, make the watcher remember you 

✨ Do your research! Stay on top of trends, hashtags and what is going viral 

Here are some of our favourite brands on Tik Tok you could look at for some inspiration: ChipotleNandosAsos and Hollister

You will find countless articles, videos, podcasts (the list goes on) on TiK Tok out there, and to be honest, and can get a bit overwhelming at times. Luckily for you, you can count on us to give you a quick and easy round-up of all the things you and your brand should be considering. 

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