March 15, 2019

Top 8 Web Development Trends Businesses Should Incorporate In 2022

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Today, websites are the face and point of contact of any business, which is why they’re so fundamental. And as the digital world continues to evolve, businesses that want to stay relevant and successful need to keep up-to-date with the major trends unfolding in web development. To stay apprised of the latest changes, here are the top web development company should incorporate in 2022 to stay on top of their game.

Accelerate Mobile Pages

Patience is a virtue that many of us don’t have these days, so faster load times are crucial when it comes to succeeding with an online business. Since most online users are surfing and browsing via their smartphones, accelerated mobile pages or AMPs are being rolled out to decrease the wait times, and thus, the bounce rate. The less time a user has to wait for a page to load, the greater the chance they’ll engage with your service or products.

Progressive Web Apps for Easier Mobile Usage

Web apps have been around for a while now. But today, we’re seeing a significant shift toward advanced web applications. These allow users to easily access info or perform tasks on their smart devices quickly with minimal load times and even offline in other apps. PWAs are currently employed by big brands such as Uber, Pinterest, and Starbucks.

Sophisticated AI Chatbots

AI is getting more sophisticated each year, which is why it’s set to become a key component of online businesses throughout 2022 and beyond. Aside from offering assistance to users via chat boxes, AI chatbots are also helping companies collect pertinent data to learn more about their online users and solve problems. As a result, they’re becoming an essential element for improving the overall experience for customers online.

Tracking the Behaviour of Online Users

Tracking our online behavior will continue to increase as the tech world becomes more eager to learn the intricacies of how consumers think, engage, and are driven to make a decision. CRO tools are helping businesses gather the information they need to do this so they can better understand what each consumer wants and needs to remain active on their sites.

 Using Motion UI to Create Web Design that’s Interactive

Interactive, motion-friendly web pages are another popular web development trend for businesses to pay attention to. Consumers enjoy engaging with interactive experiences more than ever and are more inclined to remember them. Motion UI is paving the way for this with mobile applications and websites that are fully responsive by enabling features to bounce, spin, slide and move around in other intriguing ways. 

Serverless Technology

More businesses want to minimize their overhead and development costs while also reducing the risk of data loss. Serverless cloud-based technology provides a solution for this demand. It gives users the ability to run any application, download file backups, and perform other tasks without requiring standard, hands-on admin to manage the servers.

Dark and Low Light Mode

One trend that has surged over the past year, and is gearing up to become a new standard, is the dark and low light mode. If your online business isn’t offering dark mode yet, it’s an easy trend to get behind. It gives users the option to customize the interface based on their visual preference. 

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity breaches have increased dramatically, and online threats are becoming even more sophisticated and challenging to detect. With so much sensitive data stored online today, businesses seek better ways to enhance their cybersecurity measures. Application-based MFS like Google Authenticator and Security Operation Centers are being implemented widely by companies to strengthen their operations and protect consumer data.

The web development trends highlighted give businesses more opportunities to improve their business structure and make their operations even more efficient and successful. When done correctly, simple modifications and upgrades like these can propel your business to the top.

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